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Earn Rs.25000/- per month by Simply Clicking E-mail Ads & Filling Forms Etc,.

  • Are You Looking for Home-Based Part-Time Jobs?
  • Do you want to Make Extra Income?
  • Do You have Basic Computer Knowledge?
  • Do you have Internet Connection ?
  •  Are you ready to work 1-2 Hours daily ?

Then this is for You,

There are So many Advertising Companies Hiring Online Workers like  you for doing their works Like :
  • Clicking on their Advertisement E-mails.
  • Submitting their Data's online.
  • Reading their Advertisement Sms.
  • Filling Forms on their website.

Also, Once you get registered with the Companies,you will start receiving paid emails directly in your inbox. These emails will contain advertisers website links. You have to click these Ad links and go to advertisers website and view them for 30-40 seconds. For this, advertising companies will pay you directly.


 Demo Work : 

     Look at the Below Slide to Understand the One Work Procedure.


 Is there will be only Ad Clicking Job?

 so many jobs will be available in your Member area,  you can Choose your Work as per your wish.
 other Works will be like:

   Other Works

 How Much i Can Earn?

It depends on the number of hours you work & the number of websites you registered given in our training package. But if you work as per our instruction you will be able to earn good handsome of money within very few months of your joining.


Here is our  Payment Proofs:

See the Cheques received by the people who bought our package
( Click the image to view bigger size )


 How will i receive My Payment?

You will be paid directly by the Advertising Companies by Cheque to your postal address. They can also pay through payment processors Like PayPal or Alert Pay. You can register with those payment processors websites for free. (we will guide you to create the PayPal Account)

 What Our Package Contains :
   A complete video training Materials  to do Home based Online Jobs, which helps you to make minimum of Rs.15000/- per month by Simply Following our videos


How Can i Join this?


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